Telescoping Masts


Elite Specialty Vehicles has become the “go-to” company for telescoping masts in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Elite is a “certified ” Will-Burt mast dealer. We have installed or over-hauled masts for most of the area fire and rescue departments. We also have installed and repaired masts for a large number of television and radio companies. Elite has in some cases built the entire broadcast vans, installing not only the masts, but all the interior including generators, air conditioning and heating systems and all the racks necessary to hold the broadcast equipment. WILL-BURT is the largest manufacture of telescoping masts in the United States. If one of WILL-BURTS off the shelf items does not work for you, Elite can assist in the design of a custom mast that meets your requirements. Elites crew just installed four (4) custom 100 foot mobile masts for one of the worlds largest communication companies.

But masts are only a portion of Elites business. WILL-Burt also manufactures Mobile Lighting Solutions. These lights are also used by Fire/Rescue departments, Police departments, the ambulance industry and nearly all the broadcast industry. Good lighting is imperative at emergency scenes. The broadcast industry needs lighting for remote broadcasts. WILL-BURT mobile Lighting solutions come in several different configurations, and can be powered by either AC or DC power supplies. WILL-BURT also sells cameras and live power line detection systems on their masts. If you need height, light or cameras, WILL-Burt can meet your needs.